Cancer diseases

Medicine 1

Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Markus F. Neurath

The research and multimodal therapy of the tumor cachexia syndrome is a main focus of the Hector-Centre. The tumor cachexia syndrome is a multifactorial syndrome that affects about one in two cancer patients and leads to a loss of muscle mass and strength, increased fatigue and physical weakness. It worsens the quality of life, the success of oncological therapy and thus the prognosis of the patient. This also applies to obese patients with reduced muscle mass due to tumor cachexia syndrome. In order to counteract a muscular breakdown, cancer patients need an increased protein intake and muscle training adapted to their physical constitution.

We therefore offer our cancer patients a combined nutritional- and exercise therapy adapted to the underlying disease and physical condition. Based on a detailed analysis of nutrition, nutritional status, body composition and muscular strength and performance, we develop an individual nutrition- and training concept.