AG R. López Posadas, PhD

Medizin 1

Prof. Dr. med. Markus F. Neurath

Nachwuchsarbeitsgruppe: Pränylierte Proteine und Zytoskelett in der Schleimhautimmunologie

Leiterin: Dr. Rocío López Posadas, PhD

We are interested in understanding the role of prenylated proteins for the maintenance of immune homeostasis in the gut.

The term prenylation defines the post-translational modification of proteins consisting of the attachment of lipid isoprenoid residues to the structure of the newly synthesized proteins. This modification results in changes in the physicochemical properties of prenylated proteins, and enables their function. Among prenylation targets, Rho GTPases participate in various biological processes, such as cytoskeleton regulation, proliferation, differentiation and cell cycle, in different cell types. We think that regulation of Rho protein function via prenylation might represent a crucial molecular event for the biology of different cell types within the gut mucosa. Thereby, our research might contribute to decipher key pathways participating in the maintenance of intestinal homeostasis, and contribute to the understanding of molecular mechanisms involved in the breakdown of intestinal homeostasis in the context of chronic intestinal inflammation and colorectal cancer.