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Medizin 1

Prof. Dr. med. Markus F. Neurath

An Initiative for Scientific Excellence

We announce 2 startup packages for excellent postdoctoral fellows in 2019.

We encourage excellent basic and physician scientists with a decent publication record to set up a research lab and become a group leader in our department. We will support you in setting up your own independent research group in an excellent and stimulating research environment. We will provide you with a start-up package which allows financing personnel and consumables for one year. We also fund a lab rotation for physicians in the starting phase.

The program aims for setting up a strong research environment at the Department of Medicine 1 and for the continous development of scientific excellence in the field of gastrointestinal biology and pathogenesis in Erlangen.

Erlangen already now offers strong expertise in the field of basic and clinical reseach of gut related diseases. Various groups in different departments investigate molecular and cellular pathways of the development of colorectal cancer. Moreover, we have just set up a Collaborative Research Unit "Inflammatory bowel disease" at the University Clinic Erlangen which is supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) with about 4.8 Million € over the next 3 years.

Successful applicants for this program should have excellent publications and an interesting project allowing them to aquire substantial extramural funding within the first year.


We offer

  • Opportunity to set up your own research group at our department
  • A startup package to pay laboratory personnel (technician, PhD student OR lab rotation) and consumables within the first year
  • Substantial basic funding for following years  
  • Intellectual support in setting up a lab in this reseach field

Requirements / Your profile

  • You are a postdoc and want to set up your own lab in the fields of gastroenterology, pneumology or endocrinology 
  • Strong publication record including high-impact papers
  • You have or will soon have extramural funding (e.g. DFG grant, Emmy Noether, fellowship from abroad) to rapidly develop your group
  • You come with interesting projects, preliminary data and related publications allowing you to rapidly develop your group.

Please critically assess whether your profile fits the requirements listed above.

Applications can be send at any time to

Prof. Christoph Becker

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