Medizin 1

Prof. Dr. med. Markus F. Neurath

Arbeitsgruppe: Mukosale Infektionsbiologie



German Research Foundation (DFG)

Striking a moving target: From mechanisms of metastatic organ colonisation to novel systemic therapies (TRR305)

Title: Angiocrine signaling in metastatic colonization of colon cancer

German Research Foundation (DFG)

Individual Grant

Title: Gut‐Liver axis: The interrelated role of regulated necrosis as key driver of gastrointestinal and hepatic inflammation

Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF)

Title: Role of extracellular vesicles as biological shuttle system for inter-kingdom communication and organ crosstalk


Individual Grant

Title: Using self-renewing liver organoids to understand hepatobiliary organogenesis and host-microbial interaction in vitro

German Research Foundation (DFG): Research Unit: Pathways triggering AutoimmuNity and Defining Onset of early Rheumatoid Arthritis (FOR2886)

Title: Intestinal epithelial cell death as modulator of intestinal dysbiosis, systemic autoimmunity and the onset of arthritis

German Research Foundation (DFG): Collaborative Research Center: “Immune-Epithelial Communication in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (TRR241)

Title: Mechanisms linking IFN-mediated MLKL activation with intestinal inflammation

Zurückliegende Förderung

2016-2020    Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) SPP1656

"Impact of the intestinal microbiota and microbiota mediated immune responses on the host cell death machinery in the intestinal epithelium"

2016-2019    Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF)

"Role of MLKL-dependent programmed necrotic cell death in the pathogenesis of hepatitis"

2013-2016    Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) SPP 1656

“Necroptosis Regulation in Paneth Cells and its Role for Intestinal Microflora”

2013-2016    Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF)

„Untersuchung zur funktionellen Rolle der cFLIP Isoformen im intestinalen Epithel“